Event Management

I am available to support and manage a wide variety of events. My experience includes community events with thousands of attendees outdoors through to intimate gigs indoors. Professional theatre touring, multi-space conferences, celebration events and almost everything in between.

I entered events from a technical background so have a solid understanding of compiling the infrastructure needs of an event - power needs, lighting and sound. I have also programmed and curated a range of events - those with more than 100 artists, celebrations involving the showcase of young people’s work and in producing theatre. As such I also have a thorough understanding of how to support speakers, workshop leaders, performers and their entourage. I am a Fellow of the Institute for Leadership & Management, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Technical Member of the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health - recognitions for ensuring I can help lead safe creative & event activities.

I have managed events in most category of role.  From senior oversight roles, Front of House, Safety, Technical and programming. If you can name a job on events I’ve done it - whether it’s digging in power cables to a field or giving a briefing to staff and volunteers, cleaning up spilt drinks, designing the event marketing materials, rigging lights and monitoring budgets.

Combining these experiences of running events I bring an all round knowledge and practical approach to any role I take on. Academically, I went back to University (Derby) in 2016/17 and completed the renowned Event Safety Management Level 5 University Diploma which built on my experiences and gave me professional level training, assessed in all the legal aspects of events, event safety and crisis management.  I also hold a degree in management from Nottingham Business School and Arts Awards which started me on this career path and assessed me in project management whilst organising a festival at age 17.

I get stuck in, I’m known as a problem solver.  Whilst I aim to plan for eventualities, I’m always a quick and considered thinker in the moment and strive for creative solutions that consider the whole event, not an inconvenient sticking plaster.

I have a wide network of contacts and trusted associates with whom I work and can access venues & technical support including from CEG Hire & Productions - a company I founded.

I currently focus on the safety & project management of live events.  So if you need a consultant project manager to help deliver your vision please do get in touch - whether that’s a music tour or conference.  

I especially thrive in contexts where an additional focus on safeguarding is required (such as events with young people or families) and where a blended approach to technical requirements & content presentation is needed (planning the design & tech alongside the creative content output rather than one dictating the other).  My rates are reasonable and I work to agreed project fees - whether you want just a couple of days risk assessing or for me to manage a whole strand/venue/aspect.

Get in touch today to find out how I can help.

Here's a video of one event I've managed, produced by young people I've supported:

Digital Project Management

The world is going digital. But that doesn’t mean everything is done online.    

I’m a digital native.  Yes I do generally think digital first.  But I also know that every facet of communication & project channel is important.  I’m a digital project manager with a difference, I consider the other avenues to market for all projects and how to get the best from it.  This isn’t just about marketing, this is about customer or audience engagement.  It’s about accessibility.

I bring in my research training and experience, I think about how an end user will interact with your project, business or organisation.  Then I put together a plan that typically involves initial project outcomes but also consider how is this maintained or developed in the future.

I work with my wonderful team at Cloud Artisans on most of my digital work; especially the work that involves building websites.  Larger sites like benefitscloud.co.uk, nayt.org.uk, ceghirepro.uk, voicemag.uk, artsawardsupporter.com and more.  But also sites with smaller clients & my own projects like upstartprojects.uk, allwaysmaking.co.uk and felicitywoolfassociates.co.uk.

If you’re looking to manage your membership online, offer advice to customers or sell a product then get in touch.  If you need help with advertising on Google, setting up email accounts or simply getting a website online at all, then get in touch.  Whatever it is you need, even if you’re not sure what that is yet, then reach out and I’ll happily discuss your needs.  I’ll signpost you to solutions that suit, even if that’s free or low cost alternatives, webinars or networks.

I have experience with client side commissioning of projects as well as agency.  Many of the clients I’ve worked with over the years can’t afford a large marketing team in-house and I act as a project manager bringing their vision and needs to life, straddling client requirements setting and developer language.

Get in touch today to find out how I can help.

Arts & Engagement Projects

With more than a decade working in youth voice and participation, I apply this learning and experience of stakeholder engagement to all the work I do.  That’s engaging different sections of society and developing an understanding for clients.  This can take the form of project management, mentoring or training.

Recent research I’ve conducted includes in to creative career opportunities on behalf of the Creative & Cultural Skills council which informed the reporting resulting in the late 2018 announcement of investment in creative careers.  I’m also researching how young people learn music in 2019.

My first published research was on the Impact and Influence of young people’s portrayal in the media and can be found as chapter 17 in the book “Equality, Participation and Inclusion 2: Diverse Contexts” available to buy still.

Since 2011 I have also been the national project manager for the Arts Award Youth Network, working with Trinity College London and now Upstart Projects; our more recent focus has been on support, creative careers & Alumni. Much of my engagement & arts work is now done through Upstart, which is a charity working across England and running Voice, a magazine & online platform for young creatives, and I’m currently developing a training programme in Youth Voice funded by the Social Investment Business.

Take a look at my various advice articles on Voice, an especially popular piece is all about being self-employed in the creative industries.

For more than 5 years I also ran Unit Twenty Three - a social enterprise that grew out of my desire to train young people in the creative industries and we ran a whole range of programmes underpinned by CEG & Cloud Artisans (see Events & Digital tabs), creating numerous events and an annual town-wide festival in Diss, Norfolk.

So if you have a project, product or organisation that you’re keen to involved the community in, young or old, then I’d be very keen to hear from you.  We can discuss what you’re trying to achieve, what you’d like to find out and who you’re trying to benefit.  Then we can design a programme to suit; be it digital, training or a series of live events.

Get in touch today to find out how I can help.

It's very easy to contact me.

More about me

Having grown up in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, I am now located just south of Nottingham. From an early teen I spent several years very involved in local theatre, local politics and national youth advocacy. These experiences have informed and influenced my life ever since; with strong principles of equality and developing collaborative work.

I hold a range of qualifications in management, safeguarding and projects planning. I'm also qualified to assess in the work environment, deliver Arts Award qualifications and have considerable training experience.

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Skype: emrysgreen | Email: [email protected] | Phone: 07905 253099

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