Invoice / Payment Conditions and information

  1. All invoices for services must be paid in full within 28 days of the invoice date or by the date shown as due, whichever is sooner.
  2. Any 7 day week or part thereof where payment is overdue will be liable to a charge of £10 late payment fee.
  3. Any payment method that incurrs a charge to myself such as via paypal will involve the charge levied by the third party plus 4% of the charge administration.
  4. The preferred method of payment is by BACS.
  5. You may also pay by cheque.
  6. I am not a VAT registered entity.
  7. I am registered with HMRC as self-employed, and accept that I am responsible for my own tax and National Insurance.

Service Quote Conditions

  1. All quotes last for 28 days from the date provided.
  2. Should your event require extra hours or equipment then you will be liable for the cost of this.
  3. A verbal or written acceptance of any provided quote binds you to the value of the quote.


  1. A cancellation may be made and is subject to an administration fee.  In addition to the cancellation fee, 30% of the fee must be paid for a cancellation within a month of the event quoted (and accepted) or booked for, 50% is required if a cancellation is made within 2 weeks of the event, and the full fee is payable if cancelled within a week (7 days) of the event.  Should there be an 'act of god' or other extraordinary event that prevents the event taking place then the fee may be waivered but any costs incurred should be covered and any good faith payments may be agreed with a rescheduling of the event.
  2. Cancellation from my part for an event beyond my control - Should I experience an issue that disallows me to participate or work on your event such as illness, transport cancellations or extremely bad weather for example then no charges for service will be made, however should the reason be something beyond my control you accept that I am not liable for any costs.
  3. Should I need to cancel I will make my best effort to arrange for another person or entity to take on the work, for the same fee from you as previously agreed. I will notify you of any changes at my earliest convenience.

Your Responsibilities

As someone that may engage me in any services you must ensure that health and safety is paramount, and adequate provision is made.  All venues should have safety procedures in place and I would appreciate a briefing whenever being engaged.  Any insurances that may be required for your event such as Public Liability Insurance are the responsibility of anyone whom engages myself in work, my insurance will cover any activities in which I undertake during a training session.  Moreover, any licenses that may be needed must be obtained by yourself prior to the event.   There should also be adequate comfort provisions including access to drinks or water and other refreshments where appropriate.  Where my travel is required I will always endeavour to make use of public transport so as to be eco-friendly and generally cost effective.  Unless otherwise explicitly stated any travel expense must be covered. As should any other reasonable expense such as accommodation where I would have difficulty accessing a venue by the specified time travelling from my home address.


These conditions are governed by the laws of England and were last updated in January 2019.  Should I have signed another contract for service with you then any differences between the contract and these terms shall result in the contract terms being the overruling conditions.

Use of this website

By using any website's built, maintained or owned by me you agree that I own the coding and rights unless otherwise stated (within a copyright statement for example).  Your use of the sites or media including any documents also conforming to the above classifications is your acceptance to these terms.  You use them as such at your own risk and indemnify me of any liability, and are provided with the assurance that I have taken all necessary action to keep them safe for your use.

You agree that I shall not be liable for any omissions errors or misspellings of any kind anywhere on the website, any images and pictures or other brand elements are the property of the respective owners and mark holders, requests to remove are accepted.  Also, I cannot be held responsible for the content of any sites linked to from this site.

I can be contacted on [email protected] or 079052530999.